Monthly Archives: January 2011

Smoky Turkey Chili w/ Sage

Before you say anything, I realize this is my second recipe in a row using sage (in my kitchen it’s my third: I made a batch of savory and delicious sage pumpkin muffins). This is one of the ways I save money–I take an ingredient that I won’t use up in one recipe (like fresh…

Chicken w/ Mushrooms & Sage

I love cooking and baking with fresh herbs, but I haven’t had much experience with sage. No particular reason–it’s not that I don’t like sage, I just had other herbs I was perhaps more familiar with.

Vegetarian Lentil Burgers

There aren’t too many things I miss about being gluten-free, but I really miss veggie burgers. I used to eat my weight in Morningstar Farms, but everything they make has “vital wheat gluten” in it. I figured I’d just live without them, but I recently discovered Udi’s Gluten Free bread (almost as good as the…